There's nothing more special then the feeling of a baby growing inside your tummy.  I know with our first born, we were so busy planning her arrival that we completely missed the "bump" shoot as she came 6 weeks early!  So instead of having a pregnancy, bump or maternity shoot - we ended up having a newborn shoot instead.  

Whens the best time for a bump shoot?
I would normally recommend around 34 weeks plus, however it's just whenever you feel comfortable!  Some pregnant mothers "show" their bumps earlier then others, any stage is good - just don't leave it too late..... I had quite a petite bump with both my children - but since my firstborn came at 34 weeks, I decided to ensure my next baby bump shoot was done at 32 weeks (just in case!)

What to wear?
I had lots of fun in different outfits, but my favourite is the simple "calvin klein" underwear shot (it's the most comfy underwear ever for those interested!) as it shows off how round my bump really is.

The BUMP shoot is always about capturing you and your growing baby  - showing off your changing body and it's amazing curves, lumps and bumps!  I'm so glad I managed to get the shots the second time round.  I was so tired by the end of my pregnancy (I completed full term second time round) that I couldn't wait for baby to arrive.