It’s been a fab few months being back in the studio, doing what we do best…crafting portraits.

We’ve already had the pleasure of photographing dogs, cats, babies (a lot of babies :) families & makeovers and we LOVE the fact we get to experience the whole process with you again! We’ve missed seeing faces new and old and creating BEAUTIFUL art pieces that you can treasure for years to come! 


In the digital age, we all find it so easy to take photos on our phones but most aren’t looked at or appreciated after they’re taken…this isn’t what we’re about “snapshots” we call these. Not only are photos more difficult to organise on your mobile but with technology evolving so quickly, we can’t rely on phones forever…whoever handed down a usb stick?  This is why at our studio, we specialise in finished products. We believe photos are precious memories which deserve to be displayed loud and proud around your home and appreciated for many years to come.

We offer a selection of different sized prints, gorgeous albums and more spectacularly, our beautiful wall art. Our wall art is an amazing bespoke piece which is completely tailored to each and every customer.  Choose a singular image or a montage of several images (if you fall in love with too many), your favourite frame and then we work our magic. 


We’re really excited today to share a #mackneyartpiece from one of our lovely customers Syreeta and ask her about her wall art and overall experience at Mackney photography.

Where did you hear about Mackney photography?

I’ve known Simon since senior school and as a friend, followed his career and took my newborn to him in his early days at a studio in Ambergate!

What photoshoot did you have?

I’ve had numerous family shoots over the years either with my own immediate family, in laws or my parents.

How was your experience with Mackney photography?

Amazing! I love their bespoke approach and always get images I want and love.

Was the experience what you expected?

Not at all, it was refreshing to not be sat stiffly and posing awkwardly, like photoshoots I’d had previously as a child. With the variety of backdrops and being able to use Darley park too, it’s unlike any other studio I’ve been to.

Were you looking for a montage piece for your wall originally?

No I wasn’t! I knew I wanted a statement piece for the wall but I fell in love with too many images and after seeing all the combinations the editors had put together I had to choose one of those!

How did you decide on the frame?

Other frames we’ve got in the living room are a similar colour so we decided to go for a darker frame to match.

Where did you decide to hang your wall art?

Pride of place above our sofa in the living room!

What kind of response have you had to the images?

People love all the images I’ve had from Mackney and so many friends and family have enquired as to where they’ve been done!

Why did you choose Mackney photography?

I love the staff and flexibility during the session!

Would you recommend Mackney photography to others?

Absolutely! The only hard bit is choosing which shoot to go for! Next I’m hoping to have a makeover as I know how amazing the hair and make-up stylist is!

Thank you so much for sharing Syreeta! We love your wall art and hope it’s treasured by the whole family for years to come!

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