Picasso’s “Dove of Peace” Napkin Art

I was scrolling through social media as you I normally do after putting both kids to bed, and I came across this story about Picasso....bare with me, but it goes like this....

Picasso was at a Paris market when an admirer approached and asked if he could do a quick sketch on a paper napkin for her.

Picasso politely agreed, promptly created a drawing, and handed back the napkin — but not before asking for a million Francs.

The lady was shocked: “How can you ask for so much? It took you five minutes to draw this!”

“No”, Picasso replied, “It took me 40 years to draw this in five minutes.”

This story really resonated with me as having set up Mackney Photography over 10 years ago, I'm still amazed at how many beautiful portraits we produce on a daily basis. Our team make it all look so easy, yet it takes skill and an artists eye to craft the portraits you see. It may appear easy to use a digital SLR to create relaxed, natural images of you and your loved ones, but taking "photos" is so much more then a push of a button. It takes years of experience to make it look easy. To be able to create a masterpiece in five minutes.

I get a lot of customers asking me about pricing and as a family business, we're as transparent as we can be about this - we specialise in finished products such as frames, prints and albums as we love to display our work loud and proud on the WALL. If this isn't for you then we're not the right portrait studio for you. It's like anything in life, you have to be "into" photography to appreciate our work. Our best portraits are customers who have gone the extra mile to co-ordinate their outfits, style their hair and bring in outfit changes, at the end of the day we can only capture what's in front of us. With the right styling, backdrops and props - we're proud of the portraits we create and though we won't charge a million francs for our portraits, our portraits will be remembered for years to come.