Naturally, our clients usually want to know about our photography portrait prices before they make a booking. The response we give is often met with surprise.  

That’s because, unlike many other portrait photography studios in Derby and across the UK, here at Mackney Photography, we offer heavily discounted photoshoots for selected photoshoot experiences.

We sometimes even don’t charge for photoshoots at all, that is if you're lucky enough to be selected when entering one of our photoshoot competitions on Facebook or Instagram

Our photoshoot prices explained

With our photography, we don’t aim to follow the crowd. Neither do we when it comes to other aspects of our business. We take a unique approach to creating your portraits, and we like to do things differently when it comes to pricing too. 

In most cases, we don't charge our clients a fee for their photoshoot session or, if we do, it is heavily discounted. For example, our family portrait sessions are just £35 yet their true value is £250.

As you might imagine, that discounted session fee does not go anywhere near covering our costs.

Our family photoshoot prices don’t cover a proportion of the staff and premises costs, nor our other overheads as a business. They also don’t cover the cost of the personal consultation and styling recommendations that we provide, which we know are packed with value.

No, a discounted session fee does not reflect the cost to us as a business for providing the service, nor what the client receives.

So, you might wonder, why do we not charge prices that reflect the full value? 

Why do we offer discounted or free photoshoots?

Well, there are a few reasons why we offer such affordable photography portrait prices.

Of course, we need to get paid for the quality experience we provide and the art that we create. It would not be sustainable for us to provide discounted or free photoshoots to our customers without getting some remuneration for our work.

However, before you’ve enjoyed your photoshoot experience, we realise that you don’t truly know what’s in store.

  • How could you possibly know what to expect if you have never worked with us before?
  • Ahead of your photoshoot, how will you know if you’re going to love the results?

For these reasons, we’ve set our portrait photoshoot prices in the way that we have.

Experience what we can do before you invest

Yes, ultimately, we do get paid for our photography service, but that's after the photoshoot. You only purchase a photography package once we have proved ourselves to you, rather than before.

We invite you to join us in the studio for free or at a low cost simply because we want you to come and experience the magic for yourself first-hand.

We want to earn your trust, not just by promising great photos but by actually delivering them.

A low-cost photoshoot allows us the opportunity to showcase our skills, talent, and dedication to our art with minimal risk for you. 

The Mackney Photography difference

Here are the things that we feel make us different and are some of the reasons why we can offer such affordable photoshoots:

  1. High-quality photography and an exceptional client experience

We believe so strongly in the quality of what we do, and so we trust in the fact that you will want to invest in portraits.

Our whole team work hard to ensure that the customer experience you receive, the quality of the portraits we create for you, and the wall art and photo products we offer our customers are among the very best. We consider that, in terms of the quality of our offer, we are unmatched, not just locally, but nationally too.

With our low-cost or free photoshoots, we make it as easy and as convenient as possible for you to try us out, and we are determined to wow you!  

The money you save on the cost of a photoshoot, we would much prefer you to invest in beautifully crafted photo products.


  1. Guaranteed client satisfaction

We’ve been the photographer of choice for thousands of Derbyshire families over the past 10 years, and we have an exceptionally high client satisfaction rate.

Clients regularly share positive reviews on Google and on Facebook (take a look for yourself), and we take great pride in offering an exceptional level of service to every client who chooses us.

  1. Photography packages for all budgets

We believe that everyone deserves to have important family memories preserved.

By keeping our photography portrait prices low, we make our services accessible to more people and can help more families to preserve their own magical moments in photographs.

We don’t want you to worry about how much a photoshoot costs so we keep the session fee low. You’ll be pleased to know that our photo packages also start from just £495.

  1. Customised experiences

By not charging a full session fee, we also remove any pressure on our clients to commit right away. Instead, we prioritise the building of relationships and customer rapport. 

Together, we can discuss your vision for the portraits and explore different creative ideas. We will create the perfect portraits!

  1. The photoshoot is just the beginning

We also consider your photoshoot as only the start of our journey together to create a masterpiece.

Our portraits are destined to be printed, framed or made into stunning wall art pieces, and almost all clients ultimately choose to invest in one of our photography packages.

(If you are not looking to purchase wall art and photo products, we are likely to not be the photography studio for you).

Our low photography portrait prices make things simple and risk-free

Our spacious photography studio in Darley Abbey is where we capture beautiful moments and turn them into cherished memories for you to treasure. Like you, we believe that family is everything and the times spent together are the most precious of all. 

We like to think that the magic of your photoshoot starts the moment you enter our studio. Before that, while we can give you an indication of what type of experience is in store for you, it’s only once you are here and seeing it yourself that you can appreciate the true value of what we do.

Ultimately, our decision to keep our photoshoot session prices low stems from our passion for photography and our desire to share it with the world.

We believe that our art should be accessible, and everyone deserves the opportunity to experience a professional portrait session.

We're confident that once you've experienced a photoshoot with us, you'll be excited to invest in portraits.

Come and experience the magic of a Mackney photoshoot for yourself!

Contact us today to make an enquiry or to secure your preferred date for a photoshoot with us. We can’t wait to hear from you and look forward to meeting you very soon!

As always, thanks for reading!

Wendy and the team at Mackney Photography