Here at Mackney Photography in Derby, our pregnancy photoshoots are designed to celebrate the beauty of pregnancy and to capture the excitement and anticipation you feel as you look ahead to the birth of your baby.

In this article, we’ll tell you more about this popular service, and answer many of the common questions that we get asked by mums-to-be.

We’ll also advise you on what you need to consider if planning a pregnancy photoshoot of your own. Of course, we hope that you’ll choose us as your photographer!

Firstly, why have maternity photos taken?

Well, we hope that the images you see in this article answer that!

The fine-art quality portraits you’ll come away with after a maternity photoshoot with us are simply stunning, and are a fabulous memento of your pregnancy.

A pregnancy photography shoot is also a wonderfully empowering experience. Pregnancy can feel long and arduous (we know!), so it’s a lovely pamper in those final weeks and a well-deserved treat for yourself.

We’ll ensure that you look and feel amazing (even if you perhaps don’t feel like it). You get to choose from our extensive range of gorgeous outfits including elegant designer maternity gowns and, with your hair and makeup done to complete the look, you’re sure to feel and look like a goddess!

Pregnancy Photoshoots Derby

For many years now, women in the latter stages of their pregnancy have been travelling to the Mackney Photography studio from across Derbyshire and beyond for maternity photography. That’s because we have become renowned as a leading pregnancy photographer, and for our timeless and fine-art quality portraiture, and creative pregnancy photo shoot ideas.

The small selection of photographs we are showing here, within this article, should give you an idea of the type of maternity portraits we can create.  (There are also more examples on our Pregnancy Photography page).

All these portraits are captured by our talented team of photographers at our custom-designed photography studio here in beautiful Darley Abbey Mills.

Bespoke pregnancy photoshoots

We offer a fully customised and bespoke pregnancy photography shoot experience; everything from the colours and style of the photo backdrop to the outfits you choose to wear is chosen by you. We have a beautiful range of pregnancy outfits to elevate your portrait session. 

When it comes to our maternity photography service, we have endless pregnancy photoshoot ideas. That’s why we love doing them and why they appeal to so many women – no two shoots are the same.

For example, we can create lots of different looks depending on your preferences, and you can choose to reveal as much, or as little, of your growing bump as you wish.

What to consider when planning your Pregnancy Photoshoot

1)Your pregnancy photo shoot date

When you choose us as your maternity photographer, together we’ll choose a date that’s most convenient to you, usually for when you are around 32-36 weeks into your pregnancy.  

Once your shoot is in the diary, we take of everything. We work with you to carefully plan your session in advance so that you know what to expect and what to bring with you.

It might also be reassuring to know that we are fully flexible, so if you need to change your photoshoot date for any reason, then that’s entirely possible. Just let us know as soon as you can.

2) Maternity style and pregnancy photo shoot clothing ideas 

When it comes to what to wear for maternity photos, you'll need to consider whether you covet the idea of a dramatic and glamorous or a more simple yet elegant look. At Mackney, the choice is yours!

You can pick from our range of floaty and flattering luxury maternity gowns and incorporate accessories such as floral headbands and tiaras. Or, you can wear items from your own wardrobe – simple t-shirts, bodysuits or your favourite pair of maternity jeans can work well for a more contemporary and casual look.   

You can even choose to be photographed in the nude or semi-nude. Our clever use of light and shadows can create dramatic fine-art pregnancy portraits that emphasise your gorgeous curves.

Don’t worry, if you are unsure of the look and style you are after, we can provide full guidance.

3) Maternity photography – just you, or will you involve the family?

You’re welcome to come to your pregnancy photoshoot alone, but did you realise that you can also involve your family if you wish?

Yes, if you want to include any children you already have in the photos or your partner, or even your mother for a lovely mother-and-daughter photoshoot, this is fine. We even had adorable matching gowns for mothers and daughters that you are welcome to wear.

As a family-run photography business, we love to get family involved! The more the merrier!

Whoever you come with, during your maternity photography session, you’ll all be well looked after from the moment you step foot through our doors. We guarantee you’ll leave us feeling incredible too!

4) How will you display your maternity portraits?

We always encourage our clients to consider where in the home and how they might want to display their pregnancy photoshoot pictures.

That’s because we can work with you to plan and create works of art to fit the space you have in mind on your walls at home. We can also incorporate colours into your shoot that complement the interior décor and the style of your home.

Pre-planning how you will display your maternity portraits is an important consideration. Again though, we can provide full guidance if you are unsure.

We offer a beautiful array of hand-picked photography products including wall art, framed prints and albums.

5) Our pregnancy sessions are followed by our newborn experience....

Many of our maternity clients choose to return to us a few weeks after the birth of their baby for newborn photos. That way,  they have stunning portraits from both before and after pregnancy, and they look fabulous as a collection of images. Will this be something that you would also like to do?

While you don’t need to book the date till after your maternity photoshoot, the sooner you book in the better so that we can be sure to get your preferred date blocked out for you in our diary.

Please note that our newborn photoshoots are most suited to babies up to 12 weeks old and can take up to 3 hours. They are only available on weekdays. 

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Book your pregnancy photoshoot today

At Mackney Photography, we can transform the beauty of your pregnancy into timeless and captivating portraits. If you wish to celebrate your pregnancy and have us capture elegant photographs for you to treasure, buy a photoshoot voucher today or get in touch with us. 

Not local to Derby? No problem! Consider having a ‘mini-moon’ here! Many of our couples travel some distance for their pregnancy photoshoot and make a mini-break, or ‘mini-moon’, out of the experience!

The local area near the studio is lovely and rich with heritage, so it’s certainly worth stopping over in the area if you haven’t visited it before. Just ask if you would like recommendations for where to stay and what to see and do.

Thanks for reading,

Wendy and the team at Mackney Photography