There is nothing more special than the moment you welcome a newborn into the world. Your tiny new baby is truly a gift so it’s natural that you’ll want to commemorate the moment. What better way is there than with professional newborn portraits?

If you live in Derby and are a new parent or are expecting a baby, keep reading as we’d love to tell you more about how we can help you by capturing timeless, fine-art newborn baby portraits.

What is newborn photography?

Here at Mackney, we specialise in the art of newborn photography. We create artistic and heart-warming images of newborn babies, usually within the first weeks after their birth.

Newborn portrait photography is done to document the early days of a baby's life, and the images emphasise the baby’s natural beauty – their tiny features, delicate expressions, and curled-up ‘just born’ shape.

We are highly experienced newborn photographers

As highly experienced newborn photographers, we have worked with thousands of newborn babies over the years. We love our work and are passionate about helping parents to remember and cherish the adorable newborn stage.

The baby portraits we’re sharing here, in this blog article, are just a small selection from our newborn photography gallery.

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You can also read testimonials from happy customers on social media as well as on Google. We are proud to have hundreds of 5* reviews. 

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Why book a newborn photography shoot?

A newborn photography shoot gives parents the chance to celebrate their new baby and capture the moment so that it can be remembered. We photograph newborns so that their families have a photographic record to look back on both now and in the years to come.

We believe that it’s only with the help of photographs that you’ll be able to recall the newborn stage long after it has passed. After all, babies change and grow so quickly and memories fade over time.

Without newborn photographs, it’s easy to forget the beauty of this phase in a baby’s life. They capture the innocence and cuteness of the newborn stage.

Professional newborn portraits, mounted, framed and displayed on the walls of your home, or within an album, also become a special keepsake for the family and future generations.  

"Really lovely photography studio. We had a great experience taking our baby boy for a photo shoot. We are made to feel very welcome and comfortable. The photoshoot was a lot of fun and the viewing experience felt very personal. The photos were amazing!" - Charlotte Williams 

How old should a baby be for a newborn photography shoot?

As parents ourselves, and as professionals who have photographed thousands of newborns, please believe us when we say that the newborn stage is fleeting. There is a very short window of time in which your new baby is officially a ‘newborn’.

We class babies under 12 weeks as most suitable for our newborn photography shoots, but for newborn photography, the younger the baby is, the better. Preferably, they come to us aged 2 weeks or younger. That’s because, as they grow, they begin to lose their curled-up shape and begin to spend more time awake.

Beyond 12 weeks, the ‘sleeping baby’ style portraits, for which newborn photography is renowned and which are so popular with parents, are more difficult to capture.

We have portrait experiences for older babies as well though, so if you can't make it to the studio before your baby is 12 weeks for any reason, please don’t worry. We can still capture adorable baby portraits for you, whatever their age.

What happens during a newborn photoshoot?

Throughout the newborn photography shoot, we carefully handle your baby and photograph them in a variety of positions and poses.

We use soft lighting and baby-safe props and accessories such as wraps and blankets (all cleaned and sterilised after each session), and your session is fully customised in that the colours, backdrops and props used are matched to your preferences.

All this is discussed in advance so that we only create images you will love. 

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Other things you should know about our newborn photography service

1) Our Derby Newborn Photography Studio

Our newborn photography shoots are held here, at our custom-designed photography studio in Darley Abbey Mills, Derby. It’s a fully equipped studio space that’s comfortable, safe and is kept cosy and warm – perfect for newborns.

We’re confident that you’ll enjoy spending a few hours with us here, and you can be assured of a very warm welcome as well as the opportunity to have a rest (and perhaps a snooze!) while we work our magic with your baby.

2) Newborn photography shoots take time – usually up to three hours

All newborn portrait sessions are ‘baby-led’ meaning that your little one calls the shots!

If they are restless, we have plenty of time on our side to settle them, and also for regular feeding and nappy changes. We go at your baby’s pace and nothing about a newborn photography shoot is rushed.

3) Newborn family portraits

We love to involve family members in new baby portraits so, parents, please come dressed and prepared to step in front of our cameras during your baby’s photoshoot. You won’t regret it!

Once the individual baby shots are done, we’ll do newborn family portraits - with siblings as well as newborn photography with family members including parents and even grandparents.

We’ll typically ask you to cradle your newborn in your arms and hold your baby in a variety of poses, as well as position you together for group portraits.

There is no extra charge to involve the immediate and wider family so everyone is welcome to come along to your newborn photography shoot, even the family pet!

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4) We offer newborn shoots on weekdays only

We only photograph newborns on a weekday rather than on the weekend. That’s because Dad is usually on paternity leave in the first two weeks and therefore around to take part in the photos.

Also, in the week, the photography studio is quieter and calmer than it is at the weekends when we are typically doing many family shoots involving school-age children and family groups. 

Stunning works of art. Very professional and looks beautiful in our home. Got both of our two sons' baby portraits done here. Five years apart and they've matched them so well. Can't help but stand in awe of them now! - Ceri Gray

Frequently Asked Questions about our Newborn Photography Shoots

You’ll find lots more information about our newborn photography shoots on our newborn portrait experience page. Plus, we have written an article about what to expect from a newborn photoshoot which tells you more.

Here on our blog, you can also find further insights, tips and examples of our family portraits to inspire you about the creative possibilities.

Book your newborn photography shoot experience with Mackney Photography today

If you’re interested in a newborn photoshoot in Derby, take a look around our website to find out more. Then, purchase a newborn experience voucher or get in touch to enquire about availability or with any questions that you have.

We’d love to be your baby’s very first portrait photographer and hope to have you and your new bundle of joy visit our Derby photography studio very soon. Thanks for reading!

Wendy and the team at Mackney Photography


"We originally hadn't thought about having a Newborn photoshoot but a couple weeks in, I really wanted to capture her when she was tiny. So I had a look around online and found Mackney Photography. We just felt like their style suited us! Not overly cheesy and looked really high quality. We had our shoot with Simon and Wendy, who were awesome!

We had a really lovely morning taking beautiful photos of our little one. They couldn't have done enough to make us feel more comfortable and provided us with refreshments throughout.

We came to choose our photos a couple weeks later and in the end we chose 3 large frames to go on our living room wall and that also came with an acrylic block, desktop frame and choice of 6 other photo printouts which we've decided to give to grandparents as Christmas presents. Ultimately, money well spent!

?The quality of photos and frames (which are bespoke) is beautiful! So so very happy with our experience and products, we love them so much! Well worth the money! And not just your average newborn shoot you see plastered on people's social media. Thank you guys! " - Georgy Harrison