If you’re based in Derby and are expecting a baby this year or next, then you’re going to love the tips we’re about to share with you about our newborn photoshoots.

We understand that if you’re a first-time parent considering booking a newborn photoshoot, you may have lots of questions about the process and what’s involved. You may not have ever been to a photography studio like ours before either, so perhaps you’re not sure about what to expect.

In this blog, we’ll explain what typically happens during a newborn portrait session here at our custom-designed studio in Darley Abbey Mills, Derby.

We want you to be informed, prepared and ready for your baby’s moment in the limelight so that you can feel comfortable and completely relaxed about it all!

A newborn photoshoot experience to treasure

So, let’s talk about newborn portraits! These are among the most popular of our portrait experiences.

Over the years, we’ve photographed many hundreds of newborn babies and have created many thousands of beautiful baby portraits.

We’re a family-run photography studio with a team of highly experienced and award-winning newborn photographers. We adore babies and children of all ages and specialise in helping adoring parents like you create bespoke and timeless photographic art pieces.

There’s nothing we love more than to help local families here in Derby by capturing the incredible excitement and joy that the birth of a new baby brings!

Why invest in newborn photography?

Why book a newborn photoshoot? Well, quite simply, this newborn stage is so fleeting. We believe that it’s incredibly important to capture the moment while you can.

Even though you think you will remember how your little one looks as a newborn, we can tell you from experience that babies change so quickly and the memories soon fade without portraits to remind you. This is why we believe that your investment is one that you will never regret.

When you choose us as your newborn photographer in Derby, you’ll come away with precious, high-quality fine art photographs and wall art which are precious mementoes of this special time.

Even in the distant future, when your child is fully grown and has flown the nest, just a glance at their newborn portraits will take you instantly back to that moment. You’ll be able to relive the wonder and excitement and recall their baby-soft skin and delicious newborn smells, all over again. Just like it was yesterday.

When is the best time to do a newborn photoshoot?

We always say that newborn photography is best done when your baby is around 2 weeks old (around 6-10 days old is the optimum newborn photoshoot age). It can be done up to when your baby is around 12 weeks old if necessary.

To be sure to secure your preferred date in that narrow window of opportunity, it’s important to book as far ahead as you possibly can.

Many of our clients book their baby’s newborn photoshoot around the time of their 20-week pregnancy scan when they are first given their estimated due date. This is something we would encourage you to consider doing too.

That said, if you are only discovering us at a time much closer than that to your due date, or even in those early days or weeks after your baby has been born, please do contact us anyway. We may have some last-minute availability that we can offer you.

What should you bring to your newborn photoshoot?

There is very little that you need to take to your baby’s newborn portrait session:

  • We suggest you pack some spare baby gros for them and a spare top for you, just in case of any spills or accidents
  • You’ll also need their baby milk (bring more than you think you’ll need)
  • Essentials such as nappies, wipes and muslin cloths (which you will take everywhere now you are parents!)
  • A baby blanket can also be handy to help keep them warm as well between setups and to help settle them in.

Here at the studio, we have nappies, wipes and a changing mat that you are very welcome to use, and we take care of everything once you are here.

In fact, we encourage you to put your feet up during your time with us and make the most of the opportunity to relax while we work our magic and carefully handle your precious newborn. You can leave everything to us!

Behind the scenes: What happens during a newborn portrait session?

Every newborn photoshoot is unique and is carefully planned in advance.

Our process, here at Mackney Photography, is that we have a pre-session consultation with you once you have purchased your newborn photoshoot voucher and have booked a date for the session.

We’ll discuss what your preferences are in regard to poses and colours for the portraits. It’s important to consider where you’d ultimately like to display your baby photos in your home.

All this preparation and pre-planning means that we can ensure to create baby portraits that we know you’re going to love.

What to expect during a newborn photoshoot

Each of our newborn photoshoot sessions lasts up to 3 hours, and all are held on weekdays. They are 100% baby-led, meaning that we go with the flow and work around them and their feeding (and toilet) schedule.

The sessions are completely relaxed and we ensure a calm environment so you’re your baby can sleep soundly and not be disturbed. They loooooove their sleep at this age!

The main thing for you to know is that there is ample time allocated to your session. Nothing is rushed.

Some babies are awake during their newborn photoshoot, others sleep the entire time. Whatever happens during your baby’s portrait session is fine!

From experience, we know that slightly older babies tend to sleep less than brand-new babies, so if your child is awake then we can capture some adorable eyes-open shots too.

Family newborn photoshoot 

Our baby sessions are also known as family newborn photoshoots since we like to capture babies on their own as well as with you and any older siblings.

It’s lovely to create family portraits as part of every newborn session. Even if you’re camera shy, please believe us when we say that you’ll never regret documenting this momentous occasion in your family’s story with a portrait of you all together.

We have lots of newborn family photoshoot ideas, and you can see examples of our work throughout our website. We also include your fur babies if you would like us to - after all, they are part of the family as well!

Newborn wall art and photo products

After your baby’s newborn photoshoot, we’ll work on your portraits and then prepare a gallery of images for you to choose from.

This final part of the process is really exciting as you’ll be shown your newborn images for the first time, and we hope to wow you with the results!

You’re invited back to our photography studio to view them on a large, high-resolution screen. You then decide on the portraits you would love to have as framed prints or wall art pieces. Please visit our products page for more information.

Newborn photoshoot Derby: Book yours today

We hope that that has been useful as you consider booking a newborn photoshoot. Purchase your newborn portrait voucher here when you're ready. 

We’d love for you to choose Mackney Photography and if you have any further questions please do get in touch. No question is silly or too small!

Thanks for reading!

Wendy and the team at Mackney Photography