Have you ever seen photographs of women captured in a boudoir photography style and wondered about whether this is something you too could experience? Well, if so, keep reading! 

Hundreds of real women, just like you, have had an empowering boudoir photography session with us here at our Derby photography studio, and are thrilled with the results. So, if you’d love to have classy portraits taken of yourself, perhaps for a special occasion or as a gift to yourself or a partner, then we would love to hear from you.

In this article, we’ll explain more about our boudoir portrait experience and will describe who it’s for and why you might choose to book a boudoir session with us. Plus, we’ll showcase just some of the stunning examples of our sensual, boudoir-style female portraiture.

What is boudoir photography?

To start off with, if you’re wondering, “what is boudoir photography, and who is it for?”, then let us enlighten you…

‘Boudoir’ is a genre of portrait photography for women that goes beyond portraiture in the traditional sense and rather captures intimate, sensual, and tastefully suggestive images.

Skilled boudoir photographers use lighting, posing, and styling techniques to create a comfortable and empowering environment for their clients, allowing them to express their sensuality in a classy and artful manner.

What does “boudoir” mean?

The term "boudoir" is derived from the French word for a woman's private sitting room or bedroom.

In the context of photography, boudoir sessions often take place in a private and comfortable setting, such as a studio, made to look like a luxurious bedroom, or within a client's home.

What is a boudoir photo shoot?

Our boudoir photoshoots, also known as ‘La Femme’ sessions, are held at our photography studio in Darley Abbey Mills, Derby.

We offer a relaxed and professional setting and a safe space where you can truly be yourself while being supported throughout by our friendly, welcoming and highly experienced team. 

The goal of our empowering boudoir photography service is to create intimate and flattering images that celebrate the woman’s unique beauty.

Our boudoir sessions are designed to celebrate the beauty of women at every stage of life. From the vibrant mid-20s to the elegant early 70s, our female boudoir clients span a wide age range. They are particularly popular among women aged 50 and above.

At Mackney Photography, we believe that there should be no limit to the age at which one can embrace and celebrate their unique beauty.

Why do women invest in sensual portraits of themselves?

This genre of female portraiture is popular because it makes the woman look and feel incredible! It’s such an uplifting, empowering and confidence-boosting experience!

Sometimes a client books a session with us because they are celebrating something significant like a personal achievement or milestone, and wish to have photographs to commemorate the moment. Or, it can be done for no reason at all other than because it’s a fun thing to do!

Whether you desire portraits to share with a partner or prefer to keep them private for your personal enjoyment, there are so many reasons to try a boudoir photoshoot!

What is bridal boudoir?

A bridal-themed boudoir session is a great way to boost your confidence and celebrate your engagement or upcoming wedding.

Brides-to-be can be photographed in their bridal lingerie, wearing their bridal veil and wedding heels. The portraits are unbeatable as an intimate wedding gift for your partner and will remind them of how lucky they are!

Do you have to get naked in a boudoir photoshoot?

Here at Mackney Photography, our style of UK boudoir photography is subtly suggestive and empowering for the women involved, rather than explicit. It is not female glamour photography.

While women often choose to be photographed wearing lingerie, this is not essential. Boudoir portraits don’t need to involve nudity either, although they can do.  Women can be fully clothed, partially clothed or naked, depending on their preferences.

UK Boudoir Photography Derby

Boudoir photography is about capturing the subject in a way that highlights their sensuality, confidence, and individuality.

As with all of our portrait experiences, a boudoir portrait session is bespoke to the individual so we can tailor your photoshoot to your exact preferences.

Examples of our boudoir-style portraits can be seen throughout this article, and more are available to view on our boudoir experience page.

Empowering, sensual portraits of real women (just like you!)

All the women featured in this article and elsewhere on our website are real women, not paid models. We hope that this reassures you that YOU can look this good as well! You might not believe us but, honestly, it’s true!

As professional photographers with years of studio and female portraiture experience, as well as thousands of happy customers to our name, we know how to create classy, sensual portraits that you will be proud of.

Celebrate yourself with a boudoir portrait session

When you book a boudoir experience at Mackney Photography, you get more than just empowering portraits to enjoy for years to come, but also a confidence boost that lasts!

Our mission is not to make you look like someone you are not but to bring out your natural beauty and celebrate you for everything you are. We know you have an inner goddess inside you and would love to help you find her again!

Buy a gift voucher today for just £69 (RRP £250). Your boudoir session with us (available on weekdays only) includes the following, and additional products can be added after the photo session:

  • 1-hour hair and makeup session
  • A personal consultation and styling recommendations
  • 1-hour studio session in our boutique studio in Derby
  • 3-4 outfit changes
  • Our editing team artistically working on the portraits after the session
  • 1-hour cinematic viewing
  • 8x6inch signed desk frame
  • £95 towards our beautiful wall art range

Perhaps see you in our Derby boudoir photography studio soon!

Wendy and the team at Mackney Photography