With father's day passing, it was a time of reflection at Mackney as we celebrate dads present and past. 

When my father had his stroke back in 2016, there was a week when we thought he wasn't going to wake up.  It really made us realise how important it is to spend time with your loved ones and let them know how much love you have for them.  The staff at the stroke ward at Derby Royal was amazing and kept reassuring us that he would be fine.  Whilst he still hasn't regained his right arm and leg movement and his speech is still slurred, we're so grateful that he's still with us and thank every extra day with him.  

Fast forward 2022, and it's so lovely to still celebrate another father's day with him.  As we go past 2022, I also think about all the fathers up in the stars and how lucky no matter how short or long we have had with our parents, that we had any time with them at all.  

This is a special post to all the father's out there, you are all amazing and we thankyou for helping pick us up when we fall, words of encouragement when we need to succeed and just being there for us, big or small....fathers and grandfathers, we salute you!

Wendy x