When it comes to babies, one this is certain…they don’t stop growing and changing! They change dramatically in their first year in particular.

This is partly why our baby photoshoot experience here at Mackney Photography in Derby is so popular. 

Why invest in baby portrait photography?

Parents of little ones who book a baby portrait session with us choose to invest in beautiful, fine art photographs of their baby because they know the value of portraits.

Baby photography enable parents, like you, to preserve memories and keep every detail about your baby fresh in your mind forever. Whether it’s your little one’s cute dimples, soft downy hair or tiny fingers and toes that you never want to forget, everything that you love about the baby stage can be captured in photographs.

As Derby family photographers, this is exactly what we love to help you with. Our baby photography sessions are one of our most popular as well as our personal favourite!  

When are the best times to photograph your baby?

Naturally, you’ll want to take photographs of your baby every day, and this is something we highly recommend. Daily snapshots on your phone are a great way to document their rapid growth and development in between the times when you visit us for a professional baby photoshoot.

If you’re considering having baby portraits taken by us, it’s worth knowing that there is never a bad time – simply come to us when it suits you. Baby portrait experiences are available all year round.

That said, there are developmental milestones within a baby’s first year that are particularly well-suited to professional baby portraits.

First-Year Baby Milestones: Document your baby’s growth in timeless baby portraits

Newborn stage

Many parents first choose to visit a professional photography studio when their baby is a newborn.

Our newborn portrait experience is suitable for children aged up to 12 weeks and commemorates the special moment of you welcoming a new addition to your family.

We create popular sleeping-baby style newborn portraits as well as wide-awake shots if they aren’t feeling in the mood for sleep.

We also capture family and individual portraits of the parents and the baby. We’ll also photograph the baby with any siblings and grandparents, and even with your fur babies.

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3 months old baby photography

After that, the next most popular time to revisit our photography studio for a baby photoshoot is when they are around 3 months of age.  They will be  awake for much more of the day and are alert and looking around.

At this stage, your baby will have changed so much since they were photographed as a newborn! They likely enjoy lying on their back and perhaps “tummy time”. They may even smile for our camera!

6 months old baby photography

At six months old, your baby has changed dramatically again! They may be sitting up independently, smiling and giggling and have their hands in everything!

This stage is wonderful to capture in photographs because they are likely to be out of their baby rompers and are now wearing adorable outfits, and their personalities are beginning to shine through too. 

We can capture some personality-packed portraits for you that will be adorable as wall art for your home. If you’ve been creating a milestone gallery of baby portraits, this stage is a lovely time to add to the collection and to celebrate six months of being a parent!  

12 months old baby photography

By the time your baby is approaching their first birthday, they will be almost unrecognisable from their newborn photos. They may be walking, perhaps even talking! They will be discovering new things about the world around them every single day, and will be full of energy and keeping you on your toes!

It may be hard to believe that your child has been part of the family for 12 months – the time certainly flies by, doesn’t it?

A baby photoshoot for their 1st birthday, and with the family, is a perfect opportunity to update the family photo album and celebrate this significant milestone. This is their very first birthday after all, and it’s a special occasion that deserves to be celebrated!  

Baby Photography Derby: View our adorable baby portrait gallery

For examples of the types of baby photographs, we can create for you, visit our baby portrait gallery.

While no two sessions are the same since each is bespoke to the family, this will give you a good indication of the type of images we will be able to create of your growing baby.

Capture cherished moments and celebrate their first wonderful year!

If you’re keen to document the rapid changes in your little one’s first year, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us while your baby is still small.

It would be an incredible shame for you to miss out on capturing the key stages of development in your baby’s first year. Without photographs from a baby photoshoot to keep the memories alive, this very special first year of your child’s life may whizz past before you realise it!

Professional baby portraits are so important in the story of your family. All of us here at Mackney Photography are passionate about helping families in Derby preserve these moments.

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We’d love to be your child's portrait photographer in Derby, and hope to meet you and your little one soon. Thanks for reading!

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