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At Mackney Photography, we aim to capture the sensuality of a woman without resorting to sleaze. We shoot our images in a tasteful and seductive manner reminding the subject of her "inner goddess" or perhaps reveal her for the very first time!

There are so many reasons women consider a session like this, but one thing is true - what woman wouldn't want to be photographed looking beautiful and super sexy?

Your boudoir experience will start with a consultation and you can either come to our beautiful studio or indulge yourself with our boudoir and stay package which is the perfect pampering session where you'll be submerged in glamour and gorgeousness. Our team consisting of a make-up artist, photographer and stylist will all be ready to be at your beck and call.

During the consultation, Wendy will advise you on items to bring, check our pinterest as we've photographed vintage 20s, burlesque 30s to fabulous over 50s – each being an intimate session tailored to suit you and your needs.

But I'm not confident about my body! Don't worry – we hear this all the time, that's why the stylist Wendy is there to hold your hand all the way through. Her knowledge of fashion styling will help to capture you in the most flattering ways possible, plus a glass…or two of bubbly will help with your confidence!

After your session, we will spend considerable time editing your images to take them from lovely to exquisite with our digital knowledge.

If you decide to treat yourself – our packages include the following:
• Consultation with our stylist which includes outfitting and accessories to bring.
• Refreshments including alcoholic (bubbly) or non-alcoholic (to loosen up and take the edge off)
• Makeup and hair session with our fabulous makeup artist
• 2 hour boudoir photography session in the studio or at our chosen location.
• Makeup artist and stylist on hand to keep you looking gorgeous
• Viewing session (digital surgery available – so goodbye imperfections)

Timeless boudoir images can look fantastic as wall art pieces in your bedroom or arranged in one of our luxury albums.

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Makeover Photography

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