Newborn Portrait Photography

Our lovely newborn photography is done under the love and care of our experienced award winning newborn photographer, Lola Hall.

With over 8 years experience of photographing newborns, she has the attention to detail and attention your little one deserves. The shoot focuses mainly on your precious one, though we do family shots and other members of the family like grandparents and pets can jump in.

What's the best age to photograph a newborn?

The younger the baby, the better – preferably 2 weeks or younger. They are less likely to be disturbed while sleeping and are more "pliable" and less likely to have newborn acne which usually flares up around 3 weeks of age. The best ages we've found are between 6-10days old.

Can parents jump in?

Its a lovely experience for both parents and we often like to capture the "family" so it's an obvious setting. We're able to do the shoots in the weekday where it's lovely and quiet in the studio, as often dad is on paternity leave in the first two weeks as well.

Is your studio equipped to handle newborns?

We have underfloor heating as well as a room heater and air conditioner (when required), as well as "props" that are washed or sterilised for your baby's comfort.

What age is classed as newborn?

Newborn is classed from the day baby is born to 12weeks max.

What do I bring?

It's a good idea to bring extra milk so we can top baby up and make them nice and sleepy. It's also a good idea to bring extra outfits for baby AND mum and dad (in case of any accidents whilst moving a naked baby) It's a good idea to bring layering pieces for your little one, so we can get them used to our studio environment and strip them down slowly. Lastly – don't forget to bring a blanket to help keep baby warm as well as to settle them in.

Why does it cost more then the other portrait packages?

In our experience – it takes longer, normally around 3-4 hours as a lot of the time is spent settling baby in and making sure they are comfortable. We tend to take a lot of sleeping shots, but it's a bonus when they're wide awake too! We have to allocate a time in the studio where no other shoots are taking place (to keep it quiet and calm) so weekdays are more preferable.

How far in advance should I book the session?

As soon as you decide you would like us to do your photoshoot, please book your session, we can normally slot you in if it's last minute too!

What props do you have?

We've spent a long time researching and purchasing baby friendly props and backdrops, so we do have a lot to offer, call us for a chat if you have something specific in mind.

Why do you call it Wall Art?

Not only are we creating photographic memories, but we are creating a personalised Art Piece for you to enjoy in years to come.

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