Makeover Photography

Transform yourself with our makeover photography

What woman wouldn't want to be photographed looking beautiful? If this is you, we've got the know-how!

These sessions are for ALL women of every shape and size and should be a celebration of all things female. We all have our body hang-ups but these shouldn't prevent you from booking one of our sessions, as it can be a real confidence booster, as well as a fun way to capture yourself (and guaranteed to make the jaw drop of any man)


Our modern makeovers are all about using your body together with artistic lighting and creative posing to produce stunning portraits which are quite simply drop-dead gorgeous.

Your initial session actually starts a few weeks before your session where our stylist, Wendy will talk you through your hang-ups and what YOU really want from the photoshoot. She will advise what you'll need to bring wardrobe wise, and can even be booked to act as a personal shopper before your photoshoot!

Bring 4-6 outfit changes, be as formal or as glamorous as you like, the more variety you bring, the more variety we can give you. Don't forget, accessories, shoes and props that suit the looks and ideas you want to go for. Check our pinterest board for ideas if you're unsure of what to bring.

If you're lucky enough to look under twenty-one please also bring a photo ID.

What we offer is unique

Working with our fashion photographers will be a highly skilled make-up artist who can transform your look, and our stylist, Wendy who has worked in the fashion industry for over a decade. She can advise you on what clothes to bring and most importantly, what poses to strike as the camera shoots. This is all about discovering your confidence and after all, girls just want to have fun! With this team of creative minds working for you, you're going to look fabulous.

At your shoot

On arrival, our professional make-up artist will listen to what you have in mind, and help you to create that special look. Whether you're looking for fresh and natural, or want a complete transformation, we promise you're going to look amazing!

This is followed by a photoshoot in the studio with Wendy styling you and Simon working his magic with the lighting and the camera. Don't worry about posing, as they will both guide and pose you all the way through the shoot – so relax and enjoy being in the spotlight.

Makeover Photography

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